About Us

I have some expertise in consistently Healthy Meals. Playing with flavors, chilies and new produce define my cooking style. Try not to expect anything exhausting here on the grounds that even my solid detox servings of mixed greens don’t come out without a flavor support.

Love for new product appears in my EVERY formula. For me, a feast isn’t finished without new produce and a touch of zest. I unequivocally put stock in a decent dinner with an every day serving of veggies, and protein. To such an extent that I love to hide a couple of new fixings in my prepared sweet treats as well.

I experienced childhood with Indian food.. be that as it may, my flavor love and California made me a Mexican foodie. I bring to you the best of both! I don’t have bunches of Indian plans… the one I have, will flabbergast you. Reality is, flavors are not simply utilized in Indian cooking. Remain with me and I will take you on a flavor venture, directly from your own kitchen. Guarantee is, if there is a striking flavor on earth. I will discover it! What’s more, I will carry it to your kitchen.

I originate from a foodie family. My mother has consistently made food taste tasty, and dinners look delicious and inviting. In any event, when we were determined not to take a solitary nibble… we ended up licking the dishes clean. I follow a similar mood in my kitchen. Sound or conventional, strong flavors are must-have.

Why Menu Maker USA?

I love to make new and special plans. Likewise, here and there simple and light makeovers of numerous eatery plans. This is presumably one of THE fundamental reasons why I began blogging – To make cooking like proficient chefs.. basic, open at home, and more beneficial.

Thus the name – “menu maker usa”

With my delightful Recipes;

I have made numerous meat-darling spouses eat tofu and their wives can’t express gratitude toward me enough. Look at it here – Chipotle Tofu Sofritas

I have some café makeovers which even genuine chefs use. Look at it here – No Yeast Naan

To put it plainly,

  1. When I love something that I ate out. I cook it at home to set aside cash and spare time of remaining in lines.
  2. When I don’t cherish something I ate out. It turns into my crucial improve a rendition at home.

Thus, prepare to prepare heaps of delicious food! I’m going to do right by you Menu Maker USA.

For some other inquiries, business questions, or joining menumakersusa.com Network, my email address is: menumakersusa@gmail.com